Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Reflection

1. Hannibal, Missouri is the home town of Mark Twain, the famous author of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Going to Hannibal was a very fun trip. Some things we did was going to the boyhood home and museum. In the museum, you see a timeline of his life and you see his house, along with Huckleberry Finn's house and Becky Thatcher's house. Then you go to the statue by the lighthouse stairs. There are 244 stairs to get up to the lighthouse! It would be very tiring to walk up. After that you eat lunch and go to another part of the Boyhood Home and Museum t has lots of interactive things to do. For example, there is a whistle and wheel on the second floor that is from a riverboat. After that, you go on an hour-long riverboat ride. On the ride, the captain tells you lots of information about Mark Twain. Later on, you get to go to a cave that Mark Twain had gone to a lot. There you learn lots about the writings on the cave walls and the different places and hideouts in the cave tunnels. Afterward, you can buy ice cream at Becky's Ice Cream Parlor or by candy at the candy store! And each place you go to has a gift shop with lots of different items.
2. The work we did in class helped us on the trip by helping make connections between Mark Twain and his books with each of the places we went to. For example, the caves had many places that went with Mark Twain's books.
3.  One thing I learned from the captain on the steamboat was that the floating objects in the middle of the river were actually markers showing which side of the river the boat should be on. Another thing was that the beacon was a tribute to Mark Twain.
4. The boyhood museums had taught me a lot about the lives of Mark Twain and his friends. One thing I learned was that Huckleberry Finn didn't have much growing up. He had lots of siblings but a really small house. Another thing I learned is that Mark Twain's dad was actually the Justice of the Peace, unlike Tom Sawyer, which Becky's dad was the Justice of the Peace.
5. One thing I learned from our tour guide in the cave, is that all the people who had written their names on the cave were from before 1972 because that was the year it became illegal to write on the walls. Also, I learned about who Injun Joe was based on, which he was actually a really nice guy. The reason Mark Twain chose him to be the bad guy is that Mark Twain thought the guy was ugly, which is not nice but really funny.
6. My favorite part of the trip was the riverboat ride because you got to see the river and you get to learn a lot about Mark Twain and Hannibal.
7. The most fun part of the trip was probably the whole thing! I can't decide what was the most fun because I enjoyed doing everything there. I would really like to go there again.
8. The part of the trip I would improve would probably be how long we stay because I think it would be more fun if we had more time at shops.

Monday, April 9, 2018

History Day Reflection

1. My topic was Rosie the Riveter. This character had inspired women to work during WWII when men were in war. I wanted to research something in WWII because it was a really important thing in history. I did an exhibit for National History Day because I thought exhibits were very good to use because they can be great for showing information. I also really like making exhibits.

2. I agreed with what the judges said about my project. They gave me scores I think I deserved, but there was one thing I didn't agree with. The judges said my exhibit didn't stand up right, which is partially true, but it did stand and only one side would fold in. But that wasn't my fault because the board was standing unevenly on that table, because it usually stands just fine.

3. The most interesting thing I learned while researching this topic was definitely seeing how poorly women were treated by some people. Society would say that women were taking jobs from men and how women were the cause in juvenile deliquency because they were at work, which was not true.

4. The hardest part of this project was definitely putting the board together. I had made so many errors with editing my facts and my board didn't have enough room. I also went over the word count on my board and I hadn't realized it until the Tuesday before National History Day.

5. The ways I improved during this project was I realized it's not always very easy to do a big project because sometimes it seems a lot easier than it really is. Another thing is I really wanted to give up a a few times because things were really hard and frustrating, but you really can't in these kinds of projects.

6. Ways I could improve my project is to add more pictures and fix all the problems I had in the board. I could also add more stuff to it to make it look nicer and add another board.

7. The thing i'm most proud of in this experience is getting the chance to go to NHD. I thought it was really fun. I am also proud of how my project turned out, because I worked hard to get it done, even when I made horrible mistakes.

Friday, January 5, 2018

One Word 2018

My word is wonder (not because of the book) and I chose it because I thought that the new year could possibly be full of wonders. Wonder is something that can happen that you don't expect like if you are stressed, you wouldn't expect good things to happen during the worst times. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

My first class was Biotechnology DNA Smoothie. It was probably my favorite of the two sessions because we got to drink smoothies. We also made a mixture of banana, salt, and shampoo to see the Banana DNA in little test tubes. When you put a toothpick in the DNA test tube and spin the toothpick and pull it out, some of the DNA comes out onto the toothpick. it becomes sort of like a gel.
       My second session was Stand by your quote- Exploring Leadership. In that class we chose a famous quote ans stood by it. We got to know each other and then wrote down characteristics of a leader involving our quote. We also wrote down how we could relate to leaders. I learned what different quotes mean and how leaders act.
      The most educational part of my day was the VRAC demos. We learned all about how virtual reality works. We also got to use VR glasses! WE watched 3 demos. Their was an aircraft carrier, a tractor designer, and a ton of galaxies.
      Something I learned about Iowa State University is that they can do classes for the same price as that college somewhere else. Like some students go to Hawaii, Florida, the Bahamas, and other places too.
      The best part of the day was probably lunch. Everything was really fun, but lunch was an all you can eat buffet! It was really good. But other than that it was probably the VRAC because it was really cool.
      If I could give advice on one thing that would make the experience better would be more classes instead of only two. It would give more variety and be an even better experience.
     What I got out of the experience is that college might be really fun. Also, I learned a little bit of how college works. I understood that it's similar to school, but their are some differences.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Presentation on Sea Otters

My topic was on Sea otters. I chose it because I really like sea otters but I didn't know much about them. 3 really cool things I learned were how they use rocks to open shellfish, can go 5 to 6 mph underwater, and how they can tuck food in flaps under armpits until they are at sea level. The only thing I would still want to find out is how intelligent they are. I presented my project through a google presentation. I am proud of my project because I worked hard and I found lots of pictures. I would add more pictures to my project if I could improve it.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

I agree with the quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge.Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world." -Albert Einstein. I agree because people can learn a lot, but imagination never stops. DWA 9-6

If I had 50 dollars to donate to charity, I would donate to ASPCA because it's really sad when animals are abused from previous owners and then they never get adopted because of their pasts. DWA 9-14

Hannibal Reflection

1. Hannibal, Missouri is the home town of Mark Twain, the famous author of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer . Going to Han...