Friday, March 17, 2017

Moral Dilemma Literature Circles

A moral dilemma is a conflict that has to or more actions with reasonings to chose an action. The moral dilemma in my book (Nobody Else Has to Know by Ingrid Tomey) Is if Webb and Grandpa should tell the truth about the accident or not. And in Nothing But The Truth by Avi is if Philip Malloy did the right thing by humming the National Anthem. In Nobody Has To Know the moral dilemma was solved by Webb telling the truth to the cops. In Nothing But The Truth the moral dilemma was solved by moving to a new school. For Nobody Else Has To Know I wouldn't do anything differently because Webb did the right thing telling the truth. Nothing But the Truth I would do different because it seems silly to move to a new school.


  1. Nice description and describing their dilemma!

  2. Nice! I like how you described the dilemma!


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